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Powerful yet simple help desk software. No ticket ids, no customer portal, just personal emails for happy customers.

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More productive teams and happier customers.

Enables fast processing of customer emails whilst ensuring that nothing slips through the cracks.

  • Personal Touch

    No more ticket numbers or portals to log into, instead customers just receive a personal email.

  • Team Collaboration

    Quickly and easily collaborate behind the scenes for any email using @mentions and notes.

  • Measure

    Understand your teams performance using metrics such as response and resolution times and customer happiness scores.

Your team waste too much time responding to customer emails.

Collaborating between the team, re-typing the same old responses, working out who is replying to what, making sure nothing slips through the cracks etc etc takes time using just email software. EvantoDesk is simple help desk software that will make your team effective and facilitate very happy customers.

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Emails sent to your main email addresses e.g., etc get automatically forwarded to EvantoDesk. The team still use their existing email inbox e.g. for their personal emails but they respond to the shared customer emails using EvantoDesk.
The time your team is spending responding to customer emails is too long. No-one in the team knows which emails each other is responding to. To collaborate on an email, the team have to email or call or shout across the office to each other. Sometimes, emails get 'lost' and slip down the inbox. Overall - bad customer service.
We love to build new bespoke app integrations (usually for free!) so just ask. EvantoDesk is already integrated with a number of apps including:

Clinic Appointments Portal
EvantoDesk is so simple to configure and use. For example, you can set up powerful rules that trigger automatic work processes in just a few seconds.

EvantoDesk is trusted by businesses across a spectrum of industries.

See how EvantoDesk has transformed the way The Story Group handle customer enquiries.


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