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Simple Help Desk Software For Small Businesses.

Stop struggling with your email inbox!

EvantoDesk solves the problems of using email software to respond to your customers. No matter how small your business, using email software to manage your customers’ emails is inefficient. It can result in slow or duplicated responses or, even worse, lost emails. The consequences: customers who don't refer their friends or, worse still, customers lost to the competition. Find out more.
Trusted by small businesses across a spectrum of industries.
EvantoDesk pays for itself and gives you a return on your investment, every month. How? By ensuring that you never miss a customer enquiry, that you never respond late, that you never duplicate work and, that replying takes a fraction of the time of replying by standard email.

Thinking Big?

EvantoDesk is simple help desk software that has optional free plug-in functionality to scale with you as you grow and your needs change.

Adding in free plug-ins is easy; choose from Help Docs (Knowledge Base), Forums, EvantoChat*, Twitter, Facebook and MailChimp integration (and many more plug-ins).
*Associated cost (see pricing).
EvantoDesk has been designed specifically for any small business that uses email to respond to customers. So... hotels, real estate agents, online shops, high street shops, SaaS companies etc!!

EvantoDesk In Two Minutes.


Channel all emails, Facebook, Twitter, phone calls and live chats into one inbox.

Easy To Setup & Use

Looks & feels like email, so you can get started quickly.
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Powerful workflows

Intelligent automatic workflows for increased efficiency.
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Easy Teamwork

Share customer enquiries between the team with ease.
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