One Simple Price
agent / month*

A Green tick Unlimited Agents

A Green tick Unlimited Mailboxes, Tickets and Storage

A Green tick Agent and Group Assignment

A Green tick Canned Responses

A Green tick Email Integration

A Green tick Knowledge Base (Help Docs)

A Green tick Reports (Unlimited History)

A Green tick iPhone & Android Apps

A Green tick Customer Ticket Portal

A Green tick Unlimited SLA Policies

A Green tick Notifications

A Green tick Folders

A Green tick Agent Tasks

A Green tick Ticket Tasks

A Green tick Rebranding

A Green tick 24/6 Email Support

A Green tick EvantoChat**

A Green tick Collision Detector

A Green tick Powerful Workflows

A Green tick Import Tweets

A Green tick Import Facebook Posts and Messages

A Green tick Satisfaction surveys

A Green tick Custom Domain Hosting

A Green tick Unlimited Integrations

* if paying annually ($16.67 if paying monthly)

**EvantoChat is charged at $8 / agent / month ($8.89 if paying monthly)

What do I get with the free trial?

All EvantoDesk features are available with the free trial.

How do I pay you?

After the free trial you can pay by credit card and are billed monthly (or save 10% by paying annually).

How do I obtain all of my ticket data?

Easily. You can download your ticket data as a csv file at any time.

Can I import Data?

Yes. You can transfer to us from another system subject to technical restrictions and we would be pleased to manage this process for you for free. If you have your existing tickets in a csv format then you can import them using our import wizard.

Can I host EvantoDesk on my own website?

Yes. Using domain mapping, it is quick and easy to host EvantoDesk on your website, e.g. at

Can I use one account for multiple brands or departments?

Yes you can, that's fine by us.

Do you do a discount for Not For Profit Organisations?

Yes we do! We offer a discount for all 'Not For Profit' Organisations and Charities. Please contact us for details.