Basecamp Integration

EvantoDesk vs Basecamp

Explore how EvantoDesk integrates with Basecamp

EvantoDesk has a powerful integration with Basecamp that can automate tasks between the two applications.

Automatically create to-do list items

Everytime a customer emails you, EvantoDesk can automatically create a new to-do list item in your customer's Basecamp project.

Furthermore, you can also indicate which to-do list you'd like to add the item to. If the to-do list doesn't exist, then EvantoDesk will add it to Basecamp.

Create a to-do list item when you email

You can also add a ticket to a Basecamp to-do list (or create a new list) everytime you send an email from EvantoDesk or create a new ticket.

You can shoose the project to add it to (we'll automatically suggest adding it to the last project associated with the customer).

You can also assign the to-do list item in Basecamp without every leaving EvantoDesk (see more details below).
Screenshot of EvantoDesk Basecamp Integration

Mark to-do list items as done

EvantoDesk can automatically mark the to-do list item as done in Basecamp when it is resolved or closed in EvantoDesk.

EvantoDesk can also automatically re-open the to-do list item in Basecamp when the ticket is re-opened in EvantoDesk.

Mark tickets as resolved

EvantoDesk can automatically set the ticket status to resolved or closed in EvantoDesk when the corresponding to-do list item is marked as done in Basecamp.

EvantoDesk can also automatically mark the ticket as open in EvantoDesk when it is re-opened in Basecamp.

Run automated tasks in EvantoDesk

When a to-do list item is marked as done in Basecamp, EvantoDesk can automatically run tasks on the corresponding ticket in EvantoDesk e.g. send an email to the customer, send a notification to the assigned agent, add a note to the ticket, add the ticket to a folder etc etc.

Assign to-do list items to the team

You can assign or un-assign the to-do list item in Basecamp without ever leaving Evantodesk.
Screenshot of EvantoDesk Basecamp Integration

Set up your Basecamp integration

To get started, go to Settings > Integrations (under plugin settings).

Then simply switch Basecamp integration to 'On' and click 'Manage'. Then follow the on-screen instructions.

Screenshot of EvantoDesk Basecamp Integration

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