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Note From Our Founder

Simon Sewart Headshot 4 years ago, I was the founder of a small business with 18 employees and we were struggling to share our customer emails between the team and to respond to them efficiently.

We looked at all of the available help desk software on the market and quickly discovered that none of it had been built for SMEs; it was all too complicated to configure and use.

EvantoDesk is simple help desk software designed specifically for SMEs; in many ways as powerful as enterprise software but without the complexities.

Please sign up to our 21-day free trial (no credit card required or obligation) to see for yourself how EvantoDesk can really help grow your business by ensuring that every customer gets the very best service.

No company is too small for EvantoDesk as it has been designed to look and feel like email software so your team can be up and running in no time.


Simon Sewart,
Founder of EvantoDesk.
EvantoDesk is a 100% family-owned business that launched in 2017. The team have a fantastic track-record in delivering first-class, high quality applications to the web.

We had trialled most of the existing help desk solutions and none of them were a good fit for small or medium businesses; too complex to configure and use.

So, the objective was clear from the outset; to develop simple help desk software specifically for small and medium businesses across all industries to use instead of email software to respond to their customers.

We knew that every company would see a return on their investment by using quality software that enabled them to deliver exceptional customer service.

We soon assembled together a small global team of world-class developers who ate code for breakfast and spat it out for tea.