EvantoDesk has been designed specifically for hotels!

Do you ever:

  • Miss a customers email, Facebook post or Tweet and therefore miss a booking?

  • Miss an @ or # mention of your hotel on Twitter?

  • Take too long to reply to a customer so that they are lost to the competition?

  • Duplicate a response?

  • Have to ask a colleague if they are dealing with an enquiry or not?

  • Find yourself typing the same responses over and over again?

  • These are all problems that EvantoDesk solves!

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    The Story Organic Customer Story

    Sector: Food
    Employees: 7

    "very easy and user-friendly for everyone to's now impossible to miss an order."
    Neil Kelly, The Story Group


    A 15 Room Hotel

    Sector: Hospitality
    Employees: 20
    A recently refurbished hotel, with 15 rooms, has used gmail for many years.

    The reception staff work shifts, with 2 shifts per day, keeping the reception desk staffed from 6AM to midnight.

    There have been some complaints over the years about emails not being replied to and, more recently, a trip-advisor review stating that the hotel did not even get back to them regarding a booking enquiry.

    The management wonder how many more emails without reply there might be.

    Amazing customer support means you get more customers.
    EvantoDesk ensures amazing customer support.
    You get more customers.