Case Studies

EvantoDesk has been designed specifically for businesses across a spectrum of industries.

Do you ever:

  • Miss a customers email, Facebook post or Tweet?

  • Miss an @ or # mention of your brand on Twitter?

  • Take too long to reply to a customer so that they are lost to the competition?

  • Duplicate a response?

  • Have to ask a colleague if they are dealing with an enquiry or not?

  • Find yourself typing the same responses over and over again?

  • These are all problems that EvantoDesk solves!

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    An eCommerce Case Study

    Sector: eCommerce
    Employees: 6
    An online shop selling organic childrens' clothes has used gmail for many years. There are 6 employees, 4 of whom check the emails.

    The company realise the importance of responding quickly to a customer enquiry. They know that often a customer will purchase from the first company that responds to their enquiry.

    They've found responding using gmail isn't easy and they wanted to guarantee that they were responding to customers fast and efficiently to free up time and increase sales. Their search led them to EvantoDesk.


    An Organic Veg Box Delivery Company

    Sector: Food
    Employees: 4
    An organic vegetable box delivery company has used gmail for many years.

    There are 4 employees, 2 of which check the emails.

    When an order is made on the website, an email is sent to the company but there have been some complaints over the years about orders not being received.

    Also some orders have been duplicated as it's hasn't been easy to see which emails have been dealt with or not.


    An Estate Agent

    Sector: Real Estate
    Employees: 6
    Branches: 2
    A small estate agent, with two branches, has used email software since its formation six years ago.

    The team each have their own PC with their own email address etc. They also each have access to two shared email addresses: and

    The company decided using plain email software didn't help them manage customer emails very well. The solution they found was EvantoDesk.


    A Healthcare Practice

    Sector: Health
    Employees: 12 part-time
    A healthcare practice, with 10 part-time practitioners, has used email software since its formation.

    The practice consists of 3 therapy rooms which are let to the practitioners who practice there part-time.

    There are 2 receptionists that work part-time and they are responsible for checking all emails and Facebook posts and, if required, passing anything relevant onto the appropriate practitioner.

    Responding to customers quickly is imperative as often they will attend the healthcare practice that responds back to them first.


    A 15 Room Hotel

    Sector: Hospitality
    Employees: 20
    A recently refurbished hotel, with 15 rooms, has used gmail for many years.

    The reception staff work shifts, with 2 shifts per day, keeping the reception desk staffed from 6AM to midnight.

    There have been some complaints over the years about emails not being replied to and, more recently, a trip-advisor review stating that the hotel did not even get back to them regarding a booking enquiry.

    The management wonder how many more emails without reply there might be.


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